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Choosing solar products can be a stressful situation: do you choose based off of price? Quality? Company reviews? How about all three! SunPower has become the solar power industry’s leader in solar products. In fact, they are recognized for the having among the most efficient and reliable solar products available, all backed by an industry-leading warranty.

Don’t take our word for it – look at these statistics:

  • An average of 55% more energy produced for your home: The moment it’s turned on, SunPower systems generate more energy than other solar panels, providing continuing value when other panels begin to fade. More solar energy also means lower power bills, resulting to more money in the bank!
  • Rated #1 in durability for better peace of mind: This is an investment for your home and your future; choose a system that will last for decades.
  • 25 Year Complete System Warranty: This is the best warranty in the industry.

When you’re ready to explore SunPower products, give us a call. As an authorized dealer, we have access to all the latest products and can design a custom solar panel perfect for your home.


Solara Solar is proud to be an authorized dealer for Complete Solar – a revolutionary solar software that enables us to create unique, energy efficient solar designs for your home in half the time as the competition. Here are the top three reasons we chose to be a Complete Solar dealer:

  1. Optimized Energy Output: Not all solar installs are equal – in fact, most companies have a one-size-fits-all approach, limiting your solar potential. We offer custom solutions for your solar needs, delivering a uniquely created design that gives you the most energy output possible.
  2. Save the Most Money: Optimal design means the most savings! Our optimized designs mean more money in your bank.
  3. Fastest Install Time: Why wait?! Other solar companies take months to complete the project, while we take just a few weeks. In fact, we have the industry’s fastest turnaround time for solar projects.

With 93% of Complete Solar customers recommending the product, it’s safe to say that Complete Solar solar products are a fantastic investment for your home.

Call us today to discuss your solar options.